(Un)Seen Bodies: A response to Marvelous Monsters

Tommy Bourque’s MFA thesis exhibition Marvelous Monsters which ran virtually in collaboration with ArtLab at The University of Western Ontario explores deconstructed, and often disconcerting presentations of the human body. The exhibition text asks viewers to consider how they relate to the very physical nature of the bodies they inhabit, specifically through the negative feelings […]

When Attitudes Become Form: A Curatorial Fanfiction

Fanfiction and fanart generally exist far away from the exhibitions of highart, but in the age of the internet entertaining parallels sometimes occur between how online denizens engage with the media love and the cult classic of fine art exhibitions. Among these cult classic exhibitions is Live In Your Head: When Attitude Becomes Form which […]

Mosh Pits, Hank Green, and Speaking With Care

I will probably never be in a mosh pit. In fact it is kind of unlikely that I will ever experience live music outside of the classical genre. My life long sensory processing disorder makes the concert atmosphere sound both unappealing and inadvisable so I’m not even that upset about it. However, that doesn’t mean […]