When Attitudes Become Form: A Curatorial Fanfiction

Fanfiction and fanart generally exist far away from the exhibitions of highart, but in the age of the internet entertaining parallels sometimes occur between how online denizens engage with the media love and the cult classic of fine art exhibitions. Among these cult classic exhibitions is Live In Your Head: When Attitude Becomes Form which was put together in 1969 by curator Harald Szeemann at the Kunsthalle Bern in Germany. This exhibition was revolutionary in more than one way, perhaps most notably in the way that it shifted the view of a curator as a kind of facilitator who worked with the collection of the institution where they worked, to something much closer to an artist in their own right. That shift is worth considering (and is the topic my professor actually received a paper on) but I would also like to discuss the 2013 reinstallation of When Attitudes Become Form as part of the Venice Biennale as a kind of curatorial fanfiction that seeks to mimic the original work without being fully able to capture the spirit of what made the original great. Anyone who engages with fan culture online will know that there are some combinations of fic style and fandom that work better than others though and the 2013 reinstall of When Attitudes Become Form seems to me to be one of the worst types: a self insert. 

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