Benefit of the Doubt: Foreshadowing in A Darker Shade of Magic

Note: I have not read the rest of the books in the Darker Shade of Magic series, this is an opinion formed purely on the way the first book was written and my predictions about how the rest of the series panned out could easily be wrong.

It’s a fine line between subtly and cheesiness in most writing. This is especially true when the author is attempting to give attentive readers some insight into future plot twists. V.E. Schwab wavers across that line and the reading experience in A Darker Shade of Magic is heavily impacted by how willing the reader is to buy into both Schwab’s writing and their own intelligence. There are moments where expectation is built up and then allowed to sputter out while in other instances the hints seem less like hints and more like flashing neon signs. In a book with intriguing world building and an interesting cast of characters I found myself often willing to give the author the credit, but it is not the kind of masterful construction that leaves the reader in awe.Read More »