Change is Coming

I really love writing pseudo-academic rants about fantasy and science fiction books – it’s an opportunity to dig into what makes my favourite genres work and occasionally a few people also like to read what I write. But I am about to start my final year of my undergraduate in museum studies and as I move towards applying to graduate school I am looking to expand the kinds of things I write about (also post more consistently through the school year but that is a bit of a pipe dream).

That isn’t to say that there won’t still be posts about fantasy books but there is also going to be more pieces that relate to some of the wider reading that I do. Whether it be thoughts on academic papers, interesting internet subcultures or real-world creativity I am always interested in how information is shared so that the greatest number of people can enjoy it. If you have found the kind of nitpicking and analysis that I put into my posts about books interesting, I think that you might enjoy the expanded content that is coming to the blog.

I will also be changing the appearance of the blog so things will look quite different in the coming weeks alongside the arrival of different types of content.

So in general, change is coming, and I hope you will stick around.

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